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explore the philippineseSite Search acts as a catalyst in accelerating investments on industrial estates and economic zones. This is achieved by way of making these projects suitable business destination, pursuing aggressive marketing initiatives and creating exciting economic opportunities both within and the surrounding areas.

Site Search also provides professional services in negotiating either for the lease or the acquisition of industrial properties.


Its vast experience in dealing with local and foreign clients allows the company to execute successful transactions relevant to industrial business relocation and expansion into the country’s economic hubs. Through this channel, investors shall avoid reinventing the time-consuming exercise of establishing the right linkages and then screening relevant information as Site Search periodically consolidates and maintains a comprehensive database.


Site Search periodically conducts industrial estates and economic zone seminars as well as briefings on subjects relevant to the performance of the industry and the economy, including policies, emerging trends, implications of newly established standards and best practices. What unites Site Search to its client is its ability to provide solutions to their needs while at the same time preserving mutual genuine interest and subsequently creating a rewarding long-term professional relationship.



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